Lo stile oltre la moda

“We firmily believe that a shirt defines a man, qualifying and distinguishing him.

The shirt itself emblematic of style that goes beyord fashion trends, and Metropolitan shirt particular is the ultimate ambition for those who love wearing garments with refined finishing.

We like to believe that our efforts, passion and mastery in tailoring unique and exclusive shirts is the new banchmark for a man who wants to stand out.”

Vincenzo de Lauziers Stylist



Once a symbol of nobility

Once a symbol of nobility and a way to communicate respect for others in social relations, the shirt is still a multi-faceted garment..

Vincenzo De Lauziers focuses on the reappropriation of an old and treasured craftsmanship as well as of that manual capacity of tailoring unique shirts in terms of manufacture and attention to details which is at the basis of the worldwide popularity of the Neapolitan shirt. This results in the creation of a unique and inimitable garment.

Drawing upon a cultural baggage based on the innate affection for fashion, the Italian style and the Neapolitan tradition, Vincenzo De Lauziers tailoring is made concrete through the meticulous search of high quality fabrics, the elegance of each piece and the perfect wearability which enhance patterns, designs and contrasts in color-matching.

The combination between the designers’ work and creativity and the tailors’ mastery and passion in interpreting and sewing creates a unique and inimitable garment. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is done in a workmanlike manner.>

Vincenzo De Lauziers dresses an ambitious man who loves to stand out and identify in his outfit. We offer our contribution to Made in Italy promotion, firmly believing in high quality and customer care. We do also invest in the strategic value of innovation so that each and every single shirt is unique and exclusive, keeping our roots strictly anchored in the Neapolitan tailoring tradition.

Vincenzo De Lauziers, a unique shirt for a unique wearer.


Our expert tailors make a high wearable shirt, sewn exclusively with the tradizional hand-stitching for 4 funsamental step.

Vincenzo De Lauziers rediscovers the shirt clip, renewing and modernizing it.
A ribbon like band of middle-class origins to be buttoned up under the crotch avoiding that the shirt sticks out of the trousers, for a perfect fit.

A great attention to details together with the manual capacity tailoring high quality shirts render a unique garment.
Today Vincenzo de Lauziers is in partneship with worldwide suppliers of cotton, linen mix, cashmere and silk fabrics such as Soktas, Albini, Canclini, Monti, Testa.

In Its more classical pieces, Settecorni gives the shirt an added value: a horn red.

Each garment hides an accurate search of fabrics and patterns which take shape thanks to the precious hands of our expert tailors.







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